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Mission Statement:  PIDT provides a chance for people of all ages and abilities to challenge oneself, to step outside their comfort zone, by working with the PIDT sled dogs.  In this process people grow in confidence, trust, ability to challenge themself and also one learns to be mindful of all living beings.

About Helen Corlew-owner of PIDT

I was raised with hunting dogs (Irish & English setters) but seriously started working with dogs in the 1960's by raising puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester, MI.  I was involved in their program for over 30 years.   I have successfully completed the Tellington TTouch practitioner Level 1 training, attended hands on workshops on dog sledding, obedience and agility plus taught dog training classes.  At present I have 25 dogs (2014), with 9 of these dogs seniors (8 years old or older). I started working with Samoyeds in harness the winter of 1998-1999 with a few dogs and it has grown!  A part of my heart and my self belongs to Samoyeds and dog sledding. 

Experience with PIDT:  Everyone is introduced to dog safety, plus equipment and sledding safety before meeting the dogs.   Then the fun begins!  After meeting the dogs you are shown how to harness a dog and you are encouraged to help harness the dogs and walking them to the gangline for the first trip on the trails at the Prairie Isle (near Petersburg, ND) or sometimes at Red Willow Bible Camp (near Binford, ND).  While out on the sled you will have a chance to ride in the basket and also be on the runners of the sled.  PIDT uses a Prairie Bilt dually sled, so a guest has the opportunity to be on the runners with the safety of the musher right there with you.   You are encouraged to be involved in the dog sledding experience at the level you are comfortable.  You will also have an opportunity to snowshoe, a natue hike and/or cross country ski!

Dog sledding is a great way to enjoy ND winter for families, couples, and individuals to experience winter fun.

Dog sledding is eco-friendly!
Everyone is talking about being "green", saving our environment and eco-tourism.  Here is your chance to see nature up close and personal, and your mode of transportation will be dog team!  No noise or smell from a gas powered engine and a very low impact means of transportation of the environment.  Protect planet Earth.

Dog sledding with PIDT has minimal carbon "paw" print and is low impact on the environment (land and the wildlife).  Dog sledding is quiet, peaceful, nonpulluting and you have a chance to experience and learn about North Dakota's wonderful nature in the beauty of winter by dog sledding with PIDT.


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07 April. 2015